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>> but his proposal has been greeted with scorn by the opposition in syria and abroad. hello, this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up -- at least 16 people are killed in a u.s. drone strike in northern pakistan.
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tension over the indian flag continues in northern ireland as streets prepare for more protests. and as orthodox christians celebrate christmas, we speak to the egyptian pope. the international community has been quick to condemn syrian president bashar al assad's plan for peace in war-torn countries. the first speech called "beyond hypocritical." addressing supporters, described the opposition as terrorists and slaves of foreign power. he went on to support the national dialogue to end the 21-no conflict. assad these talks could create a national charter on syria's future, which he put to a referendum. while the opposition dismissed the proposals saying they're aimed at wrecking current
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diplomatic efforts. we frort amman's neighboring jordan. in an opera house in central damascus, packed with cheering supporters, the syrian president gave his first speech since june last year. he did not reveal any breakthrough to end the conflict but said every syrian had an ethical duty to fight rebels he linked with al qaeda. >> they are terrorists who follow al qaeda's philosophy. they call themselves jihaddist. they come from across the world and are leading terror operations on the ground. after they fail to achieve anything, they have been relegated to the back lines and all they do is kidnap and vandalize. >> assad unveiled what he described as a peace initiative to end the 21-month-old conflict. but the proposal, which includes the national reconciliation conference and unity government
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would exclude those who he said have betrayed syria. translator: we have never had a political sution. from day one we opted for the best political solution, dialogue and negotiations. we extended our hands to anyone and everyone who have adopted internationalist to protect the betterment of syria. however, who do we dialogue with? a group of extremists who understand no language other then that of bloodshed and terrorism? >> the syrian opposition described the speech as a waste of time. opposition figure says they will take nothing less then assad stepping down. >> he spent the first part of of his speech saying there are no partners for any political solution. then offered what he called political solution that calls for number one crushing the opposition so we could have three hand in controlling
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